The following was put together to help eliminate the confusion with the Ireland Engineering camber plates (spec e30) since they are not shipped with instructions and apparently different people receive different hardware in their package. The camber plates are shipped without instruction and require some "tweaking." Letters have been added to the following images to help idenitify parts for discussion purposes. Click here to read the Spec E30 forum discussion.

Image One - Shipped parts

Shipped parts

All of the parts that should have been shipped with your camber plates. The letters are for reference later.

Image Two - Order

Firing Order

The order from top (left) to bottom (right) is as follows:

* - extra space used to keep the top hat from binding against the bottom camber plate; a second stock BMW washer can be used as well. This may be overkill however and the spacing may not be necessary depending on the hardware IE shipped with the camber plates
** - this is used to prevent the shock from punching through the top hat

Image Three - Assembled

Once assembled...

The assembly before putting the camber plate on - note the BMW stock washer, then the extra flat washer, then 3 IE spacer washers

Image Four - Once mounted

I used 2 of the four bolts to hold the bottom camber plate onto the top. While not ideal, this is the only way to gain maximum camber. This picture was taken before alignment was performed. From what I've learned from other setups, this should yield approximately -3.5 degrees of camber before the top hat will interfere with the inner fender well.

Follow up: I have since had the car aligned and was able to get -3.5 camber up front (rear had -2.7).